General knowledge & Quizzing for High schoolers

Syllabus includes
  • How to take up quizzing and develop a quizzer's mindset.
  • General Knowledge quizzes - Questions about the Indus Valley Civilisation to the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • 2020 News and current affairs, tailored for kids. And additional trivia, information, and recommendations on books, movies and Documentaries for kids.
  • Puzzles and worksheets that include crosswords and making visual connections.

Fees: ₹792+ GST (<R 99 a session)

Schedule: June 22nd - June 29th , 4pm - 5pm

Age Group: 10yr-14yr

Duration: 2 sessions/week of 1 hour each

Kids who attend the workshop imbibe the qualities of curiosity & data gathering.

About the trainer

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