Appreciation of music

Music appreciation is teaching people what to listen for and how to understand what they are hearing in different types of music.
Syllabus includes
  • Benefits of Learning Music
    • Basic introduction of the following
    • Bhavageethe
    • Folk song
    • Patriotic song
    • Devotional song
    • Bhajans and shlokas
  • Theory : introduction to swara, thala, sthayi, sapthaka etc.
  • Voice culture exercises
  • Basics of carnatic classical vocal
  • Basics of few music instruments like Keyboard , Tabla etc

Fees: ₹299+GST

Schedule: 18th May-25th May, 4pm-5pm

Age Group: 6y- 11 yrs

Duration: 6 Session of 1hr each

Boosts concentration, self-discipline, listening and social skills, developing memory & time management

About the trainer

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